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    We love the sleek, modern look. The cabinets are durable, resist scratching and we were able to select many interior options.

  • slider2

    These chairs were pricey, but clearly worth the money: they are exceptionally well made.

  • slider3

    The appliance repair-man and I are best friends. This line has had a multitude of functionality issues.

  • slider4

    Frame has held up well to constant use by kids and pets. We love the styling and the comfortable cushions.

  • slider5

    Range provides consistent, even heat.

  • classic bedroom

    Beautiful, finely crafted and timeless bedroom furniture

  • Contemporary Bathroom

    Love soaking in the tub. Just wish the faucets were not constantly breaking…

  • sliding doors

    Love these sliders. Modern, hip and built to withstand a lot of use.

  • iStock_000018135766Large

    Amazing cabinetry in style and function!

  • Big modern living room

    I love this outdoor barbecue. Streamlined style with excellent performance.

  • Love this cabinetry line with all its color options

  • Modern kitchen remodel by Candice Olson featuring the sleek Thermador Masterpiece® Series Induction Cooktop.

    These lights are gorgeous, but difficult to install and do not provide enough light.

  • Interior of modern badroom with bathtub 3D rendering

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We wouldn’t pay premium prices for luxury interior products if they didn’t look fantastic in our homes, but we believe you should get top quality as well as superior aesthetics when you buy top-of-the-line appliances, furniture, lighting, wall coverings, cabinets, floor surfaces and plumbing fixtures to remodel or renovate your home.

But how do you know if a professional-grade, gotta-have-it oven is as reliable as it is gorgeous? How can you tell if the $200-a-yard upholstery you covet will hold up to steam cleaning? How can you feel confident about the quality of your luxury home products?

By posting and reading honest critiques on Revuu!

We are a community of discerning home owners, interior designers and home improvement professionals who want to share our knowledge about products that delight and disappoint us. Everything looks shiny and spectacular in designer showrooms, but some fancy-label products don’t live up to their brand reputations.

We know that companies such as Viking, Thermador, Pella, Phillip Jeflries, Currey & Company, La Cornue and Wolf didn‘t acquire their reputations by accident — luxury brands earn their high prices by doing most things right most of the time.

But mistakes happen, quality sometimes slips. Revuu wants you to know about these missteps before you make a purchase you’ll soon regret. We also want you to know about luxury home products that are more than worth the investment.

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