about us

“We spend thousands—sometimes tens of thousands of dollars—to purchase professional-quality items for our home. Wouldn’t it be nice if those things stood the test of time—and actually worked?”

— Revuu founder, Khristine Holterman

At Revuu, we’ve learned that paying more for luxury items does not guarantee superior quality and that there are few reliable sources for honest information about high-end home goods. After looking to friends and showroom salespeople for insight into the best products, we reached out to contractors, designers and builders who gave us the honest feedback we craved. And thus the idea for Revuu was born.

At Revuu, our goal is to help homeowners to spend their money wisely when renovating, remodeling and upgrading their homes. Revuu bridges the gap between form and function, offering insight into the at-home experience of using quality home appliances, accessories and furnishings.