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Baby Boomers, rich in number and disposable income, greatly influence home interior design trends. The 78 million boomers control 75 percent of the nation’s wealth, spend $400 billion a year and plan to spend a chunk of that money to remodel their homes, according to the United States Consumer Spending Survey.
So what are the trends the home industry thinks these aging big spenders want this fall?
Some trends, such as 70s inspired textiles, suggest that Boomers seek reminders, but not replications of their youth. They remain influenced by cultures outside their own, but they’ve grown more sophisticated in their home décor choices and aren’t afraid to invest heavily in them.

The Best in Fall Interior Design Trends

1. Texture

Rich textures - Fall interior design trends
This Fall, opt for rich, textured fabric on everything from sofas and ottomans, to rugs and throw pillows. | Interior Design by Wendy Labrum.

Textured material beats out furniture design in fall trends, says David Dalton, a Los Angeles designer who has appeared on such TV shows at HGTV Designer Challenge and Dwell Living.
“With fabric you see almost an exaggeration of texture, whether it’s heavy fluff in a weave of raw silk or an exaggerated loop in a boucle weave,” Dalton said in an interview with Michelle Mills, of the San Gabriel Union Tribune. “You’re seeing a lot of texture that’s almost taken to its maximum level.”
Dalton is a panelist at the October Pacific Design Center event in West Hollywood, where he will also talk about the influence of mid-century and 1970s design on modern home interiors.
Does this mean a return of shag carpeting and fake fur upholstery? Probably not. But expect to see some interesting fabrics in showrooms this fall and winter. And, if you’re a fan of vintage furnishings, this is a good time to incorporate intricately woven handmade rugs and bold geometric blankets into your décor.

2. Color

Emerald chairs - design by Emily Henderson
Want to stay on top of Fall’s jewel-tone trend but avoid a heavy-looking space? Try emerald green — It’s rich, yet fresh. | Interior Design by Emily Henderson

Jewel tones are trending, and the global influence in color means it’s OK this fall to mix fabrics from all over the world. A rug from Morocco, a tapestry from Africa and upholstery from Brazil could blend well in a single room – if you have a good eye for color. If you’re uncertain, ask an interior decorator or designer.
This doesn’t have to be expensive. Some interior designers offer reasonable rates for remote consultations. You can send photos of your room and the fabrics or pieces of furniture and ask for an hour of the expert’s time to make certain your choices look worldly, not weird.
Want a global look but without bold color? Some designers are interpreting the global trend more literally, incorporating maps and compasses and hand-painted globes into their work.

3. Pattern

Houndstooth Pillows - Tobi Fairley
Give traditional houndstooth a modern twist by choosing the print in a bright hue, like these bold blue and white pillows. | Interior Design by Tobi Fairley

Both on the runway and at home, herringbone and houndstooth are popular this fall.
The traditional menswear patterns is showing up in women’s wear, including designs by DKNY and Prada, and in upholstery fabrics by Ralph Lauren.
Herringbone and houndstooth patterns are similar to chevron, and all three are showing up in rugs, flooring and backsplashes.
If you’re feeling adventurous, interior designer Chad Graci recommends painting herringbone patterns on existing surfaces.
“Use it in a fresh way by playing with the scale,” he said in an interview with Best of New Orleans. “Paint a wooden floor with a herringbone pattern or do it in a graphic, oversize scale in an entry hall.”

Trends to Avoid No Matter What Interior Designers Say

When you visit a showroom or flip through a magazine, it’s easy to get caught up in the gotta-have-it-now feeling. Most of us have made some regrettable decisions because our emotions overruled our common sense. Some mistakes – ugly throw pillows and depressing paint – are easily repaired.
Other lapses in judgment are both time-consuming and expensive to overcome. So, carefully consider the risks before following any of these three interior design choices:

1. Dark Wood Flooring

Ebony hardwood floors - Linda Sullivan
Dark wood flooring is beautiful, but an impractical choice for most. | Interior Design by Linda Sullivan

Yes, deep brown and black wood flooring look stunning – for the first five minutes after the carpenter lays it down. But if you live in a house that includes dogs, cats, children or normal adults, the beauty won’t last long.
Light wood gets dirty just as easily, but it’s more forgiving than dark wood, which draws the eye to every speck of dust, strand of pet hair and footprint.
If you love the visual delights of espresso, visit the nearest Starbucks or check out our luxury coffee machine reviews (or leave one of your own.) Or limit dark wood to a room that doesn’t get a lot of traffic – and keep the door closed when it’s not in use.

2. Marble Countertops

White marble countertops are stunning, but they may require more maintenance than the average homeowner can handle. | Interior Design by Shelton, Mindel & Associates
White marble countertops are stunning, but they may require more maintenance than the average homeowner can handle. | Interior Design by Shelton, Mindel & Associates

Marble is beautiful, natural, strong and unique. No one will have a marble countertop the precise shade and with the same veining as yours. So what’s the problem?
Nothing if you’re OCD and wiping down countertops 24/7 relieves some of your stress. But unless you’ve never EVER spilled something on a countertop without immediately wiping it up, prepare yourself for stained countertops.
Sealing marble countertops helps, but does not prevent stains. And, unless you can pass off a mustard or grape juice stain as part of the marble’s design, consider quartz countertops, which deliver beauty without demanding as much upkeep.

3. Wallpaper

If you want to try a bold wallpaper, like this one by Serena & Lily featured in Mindy Kaling's office designed by Nathan Turner, opt for using it in small doses.
If you want to try a bold wallpaper, like this one by Serena & Lily featured in Mindy Kaling’s office designed by Nathan Turner, opt for using it in small doses.

Wallpaper adds warmth and texture to a room. And, if you plan a photo shoot or regularly take pics of your family, a neutral wallpaper improves the room’s lighting over painted walls.
But choose wallpaper carefully. A bold, dramatic design that wows you at an interior design show may overwhelm you in your own home. Wild geometrics may not appeal on a morning when you wake with a headache and an empty bag of coffee beans.
It’s a lot of work to remove wallpaper and expensive to have a professional do it for you. When an unusual wallpaper design catches your eye, consider using it on an accent wall. Or see if you can find the design on something less permanent, such as a tablecloth or shower curtain.

Do you plan to remodel or renovate your home this fall? If so, are you following trends or taking your own path to an updated look in your home? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.
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