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While we may not spend as much time here as the kitchen, bathrooms are a key feature in most homes and a great way to increase value. The average cost of a bathroom remodel, according to Remodeling magazine’s most recent survey, is approximately $18k, of which you recoup about 66% of the cost when you sell your home. For a high-end remodel, that same survey states that it will cost just under $60K, and you will retrieve about 58% of that amount at the sale of your home.  Before you embark on a bathroom remodel adventure take a look at this list of important considerations for the project:

1. Plumbing and the width of your pipes. Most homes have 1½ inch pipes, but did you know that the larger the pipe, the less likely you will have clogs? So consider installing 2-inch pipes for your bathroom, since hair and dental floss (which incidentally aren’t plumbing friendly) are notorious for producing clogs.

When rerouting your bathroom pipes, make sure to consider the temperatures of the region you live in. Take into account subfreezing temperatures before you decide how and what location your pipes will be rerouted to. Keeping them inside a wall with lots of insulation is a good option. Leaving pipes exposed might make them burst in sub-zero temperatures.

2. Consider  your practical bathroom needs. For example, if you are a Gen Xer with a budding family, your needs will be different than someone without children in the house. For those with a budding family, functionality and safety are very important, as are  simplicity and durability. Consider an extra wide vanity with enough drawers to satisfy the most discerning siblings — Native Trails, Scavolini, and Woodharbor make custom bathroom vanities.

native trails Chardonnay Hana Chardonnay Mirror




3. Decide which luxuries are true essentials. Perhaps consider getting a hydrotherapy bathtub to soothe your aching muscles — American Standard and Aquatic Bath are several companies who manufacture these types of baths. Another choice might be a natural stone tub, which is a beautiful centerpiece for your bathroom.

american standard walk in tub

4. Lighting is another must. Are you going to opt for more natural lighting, simple ornate lighting or exquisite customized lighting? Light enhances any design choices you make, and the right lighting can make your ladies/gentlemen room look spectacular.

lighting bathroom remodel

bathroom lighting remodel 2

5. Now that you know your must-haves, make sure you have enough space to make this dream bathroom materialize. You might have to tear down walls and steal space from another room, which will add to the expense, so make sure it is worth it to you.

In our technology-focused world,  bathroom remodels incorporate smart bathroom technologies. These are germ-free, odor-free domains (what does this mean??), with companies like Jaquar and Kohler manufacturing these must-haves. Speaking of Kohler, the latest commercial by the brand promoting their Konnect smart bathroom products suggests that the ladies/gentlemen room can truly be romantic. Check out the video!

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