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Anyone can own a house, but turning that house into a home–your home–is as individual a process as the people living in it. For some, the transformation is as simple as coming home from work to carelessly-abandoned backpacks and shoes strewn across the floor. For others, it’s spending hours pouring over home product websites in search of that one-of-a-kind customized table. And then there are those for whom a house isn’t a home until both of those worlds collide, and design can seamlessly intersect with function.


Luckily, there are a wide range of home products and designs to help you achieve your true home, whatever that means to you. Even the most mundane (if necessary) aspects of a home–think kitchen sinks, floors, even toilets–have been revitalized by designers and artists into works of art themselves, turning everyday items into reflections of the people who use them. Ahead are some of our picks for the most individual, awe-inspiring, and just plain cool home products and appliances to take your residence from cookie-cutter to characteristic–and, most importantly, from house to home.


Bathroom/Kitchen Appliances

Think you have to stick to boring old steel sinks in your kitchen or the traditional toilet in your bathroom? Think again. Brands like Spanish company Porcelanosa, French manufacturer La Cornue, and Waterworks faucets bring new life to aspects of home design once previously overlooked, rejuvenating classic designs with modern flair.



Brands like Surface View take wallpaper and turn it into wall art. Collaborating with museums, designers and photographers from around the world, their paper creates instant statement-making style. In addition to original artist-designed wallpaper, they sell unique murals, framed prints, canvases and decor.

Unsure if you want to commit to a bold statement wall? Companies like Tempaper offer removable wallpaper designs similar to the ones you might have used in your dorm room–only in grown-up, customizable and chic styles.



It’s easy to understate just how powerful the right furniture can be. Even something as simple as a statement chair or classic table can tie a whole room together. For modern twists on classic designs, brands like Quintus make excellent timeless pieces that seem at once familiar and totally revolutionary. Hellman-Chang is a go-to spot for Eastern-influenced, unapologetically modern and futuristic tables, beds, consoles and more, while Neirmann Weeks makes handmade, traditional pieces cool again.



If there’s a brand that defines cool, it’s John Pomp. Featuring a wide array of lighting styles and designs that are at once whimsical and sleek, contemporary and perennial, John Pomp is a one-stop shop for lighting that will light up a room in more ways than one. (P.S. They have a killer furniture collection too!)



Often overlooked but no less important, flooring is more than just the stuff you walk on. Flooring can transform a boring room into a stunning work of art, or take a space from cold to cozy. Brands like Exquisite Surfaces feature rich, sultry woods and bold tiles, reclaimed stone and more, while companies like Walker Zanger will awaken your inner creative with zany designs and bright, beautiful tiles.


Have any other brands you love for taking a place from house to home, or a company you think should have been on this list? Upload a picture and review your product and experience on Revuu.com!




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