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When it comes to naming paint colors, Farrow & Ball takes the process to an art form. There’s a story behind every name. But are the names meaningful to shoppers?

Here’s a fun – but meaningless – quiz to see if you think the way the paint moniker-makers at Farrow & Ball do (and to introduce you to Farrow & Ball’s gorgeous 2016 colors.)

Below are 10 Farrow & Ball paint color names – 9 new and 1 vintage. How many paint names and colors can you match correctly?

Farrow & Ball paint colors 2016 - Revuu Search for Excellence in Luxury Interiors

Check below to obtain your paint chip score and to see how Farrow & Ball’s fabulous new colors could work in your home.

Salon Drab

Farrow and Ball Salon Drab

The name is intended to conjure up an image of a small outer room of a drawing room or an intellectual conversational hub. And who needs a colorful wall when the discourse is vibrant?
Farrow & Ball call it a classic 19th century warm drab that would make a dark north-facing room seem cozy.
Salon Drab is C. — chocolate.


Farrow and Ball Shadow White

Think about what a white wall looks like when you pass between it and a light source, and you understand this new color from Farrow & Ball. Shadow is a white paint with blue undertones. It’s a lighter version of Shaded White. Both are cool colors. If you wanted a warmer white, choose Slipper Satin. If you’d like a grayish white, choose Ammonite.
Shadow is H. — blue-toned white.


Farrow Ball Inchyra Blue

The paint is officially called Inchyra Blue, which sounds as if it’s a blue paint. But some see it as green and others as gray. Farrow & Ball named the paint in honor of a bespoke color made for Lord and Lady Inchyra, who used the blue/gray/green shade on the exterior of a barn at their home in Scotland.
It can be used both indoors and out as an alternative to charcoal. In west-facing rooms, Inchyra will look less colored in the morning and more blue in the afternoon.
The correct match for Inchyra is A – green/gray/blue.


Farrow and Ball Vardo

Gypsies drove Vardo wagons in the mid-19th century, and Farrow & Ball named its vibrant blue paint in honor of the flamboyant color used in the intricate patterning of the vehicles.
Vardo can be used with gray-toned white paints such as Down Pipe and Pavilion Gray.
If used in west-facing rooms, Vardo builds in color throughout the day and glows in the evening.
The correct match for Vardo is B — vibrant blue.


Farrow and Ball Yeabridge

Yeabridge House, an 18th century Georgian Hamstone farmhouse, held a gun cupboard. When the cupboard was removed, the owners painted it a vibrant shade of green that complemented the Somerset grass outside the home.
Farrow & Ball call Yeabridge the “cleanest, freshest and most uncomplicated” of its greens. It’s a true avocado green so D was the correct match for Yeabridge.


Farrow and Ball Peignoir

In the mid-20th century, young women carefully chose a peignoir for their honeymoon. In movies, women wore the sheer, flowing nightgowns as they brushed their hair – 100 strokes — in front of their dressing room mirrors.
Farrow & Ball’s peignoir is a hazy pink-gray shade (choice F) that creates a blushing interior. To keep the vintage-looking paint modern, pair it with Farrow & Ball’s All White paint.


Farrow and Ball Cromarty

Think ships at sea in gale-force winds to envision Cromarty, a very light blue shade of gray – choice E.
If you like imagining yourself captaining a ship in swirling mists, you’ll like Cromarty. Or, if you’re a landlubber who likes muted, barely-there shades of blue, Cromarty will work for you.
If chosen for a west-facing room, Cromarty will appear neutral early in the day and a warmer blue as the day progresses.


Farrow and Ball Worsted

You probably know that worsted is a type of flat woven fabric used in men’s suits. But did you know that it is also the name of a Norfolk, England village where the yarn was first made?
If you knew either of these worsted facts, you confidently chose Gray – answer I – as the match for Worsted paint.
This gray works as both a solid wall color or as a background for accent colors. Worsted is a stronger, grittier gray when painted in north-facing rooms.

Drop Cloth

Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth

As the name implies, the color of this Farrow & Ball paint is taken from the hue of the sheets used to protect floors and fabric from paint spills.
It is darker than both Shaded White and Shadow White, neither too gray nor too yellow. The color is strongest during the morning in an east-facing room and becomes muted as twilight approaches.
The correct answer for Drop Cloth was G — Dark White.

Charlotte’s Lock

Farrow and Ball Charlotte's Lock paint


This is not a new color. We chose this for our quiz because, like Charlotte’s Lock, we were feeling playful. This sunburst color makes a great accent color for a wall, wood furniture or bannister rails.
If you paired Charlotte’s Lock with choice J – Orange – you chose correctly. Enjoy the Vitamin C rush to the head.

Are you going to try any of Farrow & Ball’s new colors this year? Do you prefer their neutral or bold colors?
If you have any photos of your home painted with Farrow & Ball paints, please share them.
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