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GE Monogram Pizza Oven
GE’s Monogram Pizza Oven was one of the most talked about luxury kitchen appliances at KBIS 2016. Photo courtesy of GE.

Tired of waiting for the pizza delivery guy to deliver tepid temperature pies or looking for greater variety than your wood-fired pizza oven can deliver? Then you might want to pre-order GE’s Monogram Pizza Oven, which promises to bake homemade pizza in less time than it takes to order one online.

GE’s pizzeria-style oven, one of the most talked about exhibits at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this month, bakes pizzas in two minutes.

Are they any good?

Nick Mokey, who describes himself as a pizza snob and aspiring pizza chef, says they’re delicious. 

Pizza cooked in GE Monogram Pizza Oven
Pizza cooked in GE’s Monogram Pizza Oven at KBIS 2016. Photo courtesy of Digital Trends.


“Embarrassingly, my pies have nothing on what was coming out of this oven,” Mokey wrote in an article for Digital Trends while attending KBIS 2106 in Las Vegas.

“Each slice was crispy on the outside, still chewy inside, with just a hint of crumbly black char around the edges — an effect I’ve never been able to replicate in my home oven. You could have told me it came from a 100-year-old brick oven in Brooklyn and I’d believe you, and ask for more. The benchmark Neapolitan hit almost all the right marks (with just a hint of watery runoff from the fresh mozzarella) and the pepperoni and hot honey pies were flawless.”

The Monogram pizza oven heats to 800 degrees at the top of the door-less oven and to 1,200 degrees from the bottom. It takes about 30 minutes to pre-heat, but a smartphone app will allow you to turn it on remotely and set it to the proper temperature to bake five types of pizzas, including traditional and deep-dish styles.

The hot oven will sell for a cool $9,900.

More Time-Saving Luxury Appliances at KBIS 2016

Viking TurboChef Oven
Guests of KBIS 2016 were highly impressed by the speed and power of Viking’s TurboChef Oven. Photo courtesy of Viking and Digital Trends.

Viking showcased its TurboChef oven at KBIS 2016, which cooks food about 15 times faster than conventional ovens.

The 30-inch double oven can cook a steak in 5 minutes and a 12-pound turkey in 42 minutes, according to Viking. It’s the home version of ovens used by restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts and Subway. The oven circulates air around foods like an ordinary convection oven, but also blows hot air over foods at highway speeds – 60 miles per hour, writes Jenny McGrath.

You can pre-set cooking times for 1,000 varieties of baked items, including your own recipes.

Still in production, the Viking TurboChef oven has a price tag of $13,000.

Electrolux Washing Machine with SmartBoost™ and LuxCare™ Technology
Electrolux’s premiere laundry pair premiered at KBIS 2016. Photo courtesy of Electrolux.

You can also save time cleaning clothes at home with the Electrolux SmartBoost washer and dryer.

The washer premixes the detergent and water, which is designed to more effectively remove stains and reduce overall washing times. The Electrolux Perfect Steam Washer with LuxCare Wash and SmartBoost works just as well in cold water as hot and saves water top-loading washers. The Perfect Steam Dryer with Instant Refresh dries clothes in 20 minutes or less.

The washer and dryer, available in the Spring, are priced at $1,099 each.

Smart Technology Appliances

LG Signature Kitchen Smart Appliances
LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite embraces the smart home revolution. Photo courtesy of LG.

LG introduced a dishwasher and refrigerator at KBIS 2016.

Its Signature Kitchen Suite Fully Integrated Dishwasher uses LG’s SmartThinQ technology so you can remotely set the machine to start cleaning the dinner dishes and track its progress through an app. Ultra-quiet, the dishwasher also accommodates those who hate to rinse dishes before loading them into the machine. Its TurboSteam function is designed to make rinsing unnecessary. For lazy or time-crunched people, that feature alone might make the dishwasher worth its $1,299 price tag.

LG’s Signature refrigerator – priced at $9,799 for the built-in model and $4,499 for the free-standing side-by-side model – opens automatically if you approach it with a bagful of groceries. You can also view food inside without opening a door, and sensors will alert you if food is starting to spoil, according to a review by Cnet.

What do you think about these new luxury appliances? Would you spend $10,000 for a pizza oven and $13,000 to cook a Thanksgiving turkey in less time than it takes to watch the Macy’s parade?

What luxury appliances did you buy and love? Or buy and hate? Read our reviews of luxury appliances and take a few minutes to post a review of your own.

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