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revuu made in usa windows

At Revuu.com, we take our home decor and houseware purchases very seriously and want the best made product for our dollar spent. We are you, the consumer, looking for quality and craftsmanship in our purchases.

How Overseas Manufacturing Affects Home Textile Businesses

In the past, small family-owned businesses that sold home decor such as curtains, bedding and bath items would assist countless of loyal customers in furnishing their rooms. This would include going to New York twice a year, where the store owner would visit countless textile mills with showrooms and pick out various textiles for curtains, slipcovers, and such. Then the product would be made many times in North Carolina, South Carolina or possibly Georgia.

While  most of those mills in New York have closed due to manufacturing going overseas to China,  there has been a wonderful resurgence of companies that produce rugs, blankets, bedding and other textiles in the US. As the trend towards local production and reviving abandoned factories as increased, so has the funding and enthusiasm for these companies. Some of the more well-known companies include Flor carpet, Wabisabi Green in California and Faribault Woolen Mills in Minnesota.

Plumbing Products

We at Revuu have found that shopping in the US is not only good for our national economy, it brings with it a sense of accountability on the part of the manufacturer.  When things malfunction (because they do) it’s great to know that you can get someone on the phone who will stand behind their product.  Having spent a small fortune on those high end faucets and sinks, it is nice to know that their service departments will be responsive when things do need to be fixed. Next time you are in the market for plumbing products, check out Waterstone for it’s made in California line of super cool kitchen faucets.  While not all of Rohl Plumbings products are made in the USA, they do manufacture some here and their service is all based in the US – they offer live (on the phone) trouble shooting and are will send replacement parts free of charge.

Andersen Windows – Proud to Be Made in the USA

You have seen those commercials on television for windows advertising American-made windows. The one that immediately comes to mind is Renewal by Andersen, the start-to-finish window replacement division of the Andersen Corporation. The truth is, it really doesn’t matter where the windows were manufactured when it comes to quality.

Based in Minnesota, Renewal by Andersen has expanded to over 100 markets throughout the United States and Canada and has become one of the largest replacement window networks in the country. The company has been in business for over 110 years, and prides itself on its Made in America credo. In addition to its window replacement line, it also has its main Andersen Windows and Doors brand, its Silver Line that provides vinyl windows and patio doors, and its do-it-yourself American Craftsman line that is sold exclusively through The Home Depot.

Even though USA and China are mentioned quite often in regards to where windows are manufactured, at this time there isn’t a specific country that dominates the market in this area. High quality is high quality, regardless of the country where the product is manufactured.

What do you think of your latest purchase, was it built on perfection? Tradition? Go to Revuu.com and leave a review, or if you’re shopping for a new home item, search our reviews by brand and get more insight today!







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