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Today I knew the magical months of summer were upon us when we dropped off our son at summer camp. Don’t get me wrong — I will miss him terribly, but summers are for making memories, and summer camp is definitely a memory maker, as is summer entertaining. It’s the one season where the days are longer and we can get together with our longtime friends and just enjoy the art of good company.


summer tablescape
                                                       Image via Indeed Decor


The artistry that you display on your tabletop, which is the centerpiece of the evening, will set the tone for your event. It’s the little details that will make your tabletop look like you’ve spent days creating it.


Today we’re featuring one of my favorite go-to places, Hudson Grace. Hudson Grace has locations throughout Northern and Southern California, as well as Atlanta, Georgia.

                                                                                         Image via Remodelista



You can shop online on their exquisite website, or you can have the visceral experience by dropping by and visiting their physical store. Either way, their merchandise is top of the line. I personally rather go to their store; it’s so much fun to peruse through their products — oh and the ideas and inspiration are free!


Some of my personal favorites for summer include this gorgeous serving bowl and extra large tongs. The ones shown are my personal favorite; everything about this set evokes summer and the casualness of good friends and good times.

hudson grace serving bowl

It is surprising how delicious salads taste when you just dress it up with beautiful serveware. Using beautiful serveware is a huge part of the dining pleasure.


The beauty of simplicity is displayed in their wide array of table linens available in a multitude of gorgeous seasonal colors, and are reasonably priced.


One of my personal favorite go-to items that Hudson Grace makes available is their “Tear-Off” napkin collection; it’s the best of both worlds. These napkins can be washed and used up to five times and then tossed. They are also compostable, so absolutely no guilt involved when you toss them. These “Tear-Off” napkins are also available in a large assortment of colors, and they also make great hostess gifts!

hudson grace table linen

If you love pitchers as much as I do, then you’ve come to the right place. Imagine your favorite vintage punch in a Hudson Grace Classic Pitcher. This pitcher has just enough subtle nostalgia to take you back in time. I love that the milk pitcher is still made available. It’s a tradition that I was brought up with, because my mother didn’t allow milk cartons on the dining room table. Of course, for our summer entertainment purposes, a pitcher of margaritas might be in order!


hudson grace classic pitcher


I love functional products that also have sentiment; this ceramic serveware by Montes Doggett is the perfect example. A Peruvian ceramic designer created this chic stoneware for her mother who worked as a caterer, so she could serve her clients…and of course the rest is history.

montes doggett ceramic stoneware


This is just a partial list — we will publish Part 2 shortly. You will love the rest, I promise…it is well worth the wait. In the meantime, I would like to leave you with some food for thought.


The environment you create when entertaining others is an open love letter of sorts. It expresses sentiment on how you value their friendship and enjoy their company, and what they mean to you. It is a work of art filled with symbolism, from how you set the table to what you serve. On the other hand, is also having great family and friends over for a nice time, and a chance some to show off your beautiful settings!



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