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When summer travel plans and parties suddenly disappeared off our calendars, I’m sure most of us looked around and started thinking about how to maximize our space at home, inside and out. And, with nowhere to go- except the back yard- I’ve had a lot of time to really think about revamping our outdoor space to make the most of every area.  The options for outdoor furniture seem truly endless. Yet, without the luxury of seeing the furniture in person, how do you make a decision?  I prefer real-life experience and reviews to make my decision, so I turned to our users for their thoughts on the best products:


“Personally, my all-time favorite outdoor furniture is Gandia Blasco’s Solanas collection- if I could I would own every piece in this collection. The lines are minimalist but warm and the finish- a thermo-lacquered welded aluminum with micro-perforated sheets- is simply gorgeous.

The Solanas Coccoon Lounge, my dream chair.

The Cocoon Lounge is to die for, but any piece in this collection could find a place on my patio. Fully customizable frames, fabric, and armrest options make this line work anywhere, even in a more traditional setting.  The downsides? Gandia Blasco is based in Spain, so orders take at least 12 weeks to arrive and must be done through a designer. The pricing is way up there too, but this is quality furniture that will last a lifetime.”

“If you’re looking for a high-end outdoor furniture line that is crafted in the U.S. check out McKinnon and Harris, based in Richmond, VA. Their designs range from classic to more modern lines and their finish is designed to withstand the harshest weather in any environment with a proprietary coating technology offered in a variety of beautiful colors. Each piece is handmade and a work of art meant to last.  They offer pricing and inquiries online and, while this is also a very expensive brand, the range of looks and the longevity of the pieces makes it worth the cost.”

The Parsons Table with an assortment of the many chairs available at McKinnon Harris


“Another great option for outdoor furniture comes from the Land Down Under- who knows summer better than the Aussies? Harbor Outdoor offers thirty-three different collections in a range of materials including teak, rattan, aluminum, woven rope, and Sunbrella fabric. With a warehouse in Los Angeles, lead times tend to be a bit shorter than European lines, but longer than U.S.- based brands. Harbor Outdoor furniture is high quality, stylish, and offers so much variety there will be something for everyone.”


Harbour Outdoor Bradley Terrace Collection

“Every summer we like to host a reunion for our extended Italian family and every summer I struggled to find a table long enough to seat 20+ people comfortably. I had just found a solution before shelter in place began: the 5-foot Summit infinity table by Country Casual Teak.

The Infinity Table by Country Casual Teak.

When purchased in multiples the tables can be latched together for an infinitely long table, or separated for smaller gatherings.  Country Casual Teak has been creating teak outdoor furniture since 1977 and I was not disappointed when the tables arrived (requiring some minimal assembly of the legs)- the style was perfect- simple and modern. The untreated teak will weather over time into the perfect grey shade. They are sturdy but lightweight- making it easy to rearrange the dining setup for smaller, socially distanced gathering. Chairs were more of a challenge for me as I didn’t want plain teak chairs. Article Teaka Chairs are the perfect compromise between classic and modern with an eco-friendly white resin rope detail on the back and seat, these chairs are anything but typical and super comfy too! ” 

The Teaka chair from Article looks great with the simple lines of my table. Fun, modern, and not too pricey.

“And of course, there is Restoration Hardware– the company that has mastered the art of providing great quality, innovative design and quick delivery of outdoor furniture.  Whether you are looking for a charming, English-garden look like their Greystone Teak collection: or the clean, modern lines of my current favorite- the Balmain collection (maybe not coincidentally designed by the Condos brothers of Harbor Outdoor!) All of RH’s furniture is constructed of high-quality materials including teak, aluminum, and weather-resistant fabrics. RH is a consistent player in the mid to high range world of high-quality outdoor furniture. If you need planters, a fire pit, umbrellas, or a fountain- it’s all available on their site. The best part? Order online and many pieces are available within a week- meaning it’s not too late to fully furnish that summer patio before summer ends!”

The RH Balmain Collection in teak.



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