March 27, 2018

To Repair or Replace Appliances: That Is the Question

whirlpool fridge

The phrase “brand new” brings on such excitement. Whether it’s a new baby, a new puppy, or, yes, even new appliances, the word “new” brings with it promises of a more exciting and more full life. Of course, while appliances might not bring the same joy–or excitement–as babies or puppies, a new appliance can make

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March 6, 2018

Smart Homes: The Future is Connected

As many of you already know, having a smart home is all the rage. A smart home allows you to control many of your appliances with a mere voice command. A smart home is supposed to run more efficiently — and of course, if you are using your appliances more efficiently, you are automatically cutting

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February 6, 2018

Revuu Featured Brand Spotlight: Missana

missana furniture revuu featured brand

Perhaps you are at the W Hotel in New York waiting for some friends to arrive, or at the VIP lounge at the Starbucks in Istanbul enjoying a cup of joe and relaxing. You might even be visiting a beautiful residential villa in Spain. There is one constant with all these scenarios: chances are you

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January 22, 2018

5 Important Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel

american standard walk in tub

While we may not spend as much time here as the kitchen, bathrooms are a key feature in most homes and a great way to increase value. The average cost of a bathroom remodel, according to Remodeling magazine’s most recent survey, is approximately $18k, of which you recoup about 66% of the cost when you

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