January 4, 2019

Mix and Match with Kitchen Cabinets: Hot New Trend For 2019

Interior design and decorating trends constantly change because we find new ways to express our individuality.   With kitchen remodels still topping the list of projects for many people, we thought we would explore a unique kitchen trend for 2019: combining different colors or mixing different styles of cabinets into our once uniform-styled kitchen.  

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November 30, 2018

Revuu Spotlight: Gerald Olesker, ADG Lighting

gerald olesker

Today’s Revuu Spotlight is on Gerald Olesker, who is the founder and CEO of ADG Lighting. Many of you may not be familiar with ADG Lighting or Gerald, but we promise if you’ve ever visited any major city, you have probably seen and experienced some of Gerald’s gorgeous lighting creations. ADG Lighting’s custom fixtures can

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October 29, 2018

Fisher & Paykel Cooking Ranges for Style and Quality

Dual Fuel Range, 36” Contemporary Style OR36SDG4X1

Looking for a modern, high performance cooking range for your kitchen? Consider the cooking line from Fisher & Paykel. Established in 1934, this major appliance manufacturer is a global mainstay operating in 50 countries and manufacturing in Italy, Thailand, China and Mexico. The Haier Group (owner of GE Appliances) bought Fisher & Paykel in 2012.

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September 30, 2018

Keeping It Cool with a Smart Refrigerator

samsung 22 cubic feet smart refrigerator family hub

Imagine a refrigerator that can detect the kinds of foods you are storing in it, can keep you informed as to expiration dates, and track your habitual use of the product. Those days of finding that head of lettuce that you forgot and ended up growing slime are over!   A smart refrigerator is a

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August 30, 2018

Dining Tables, Your Style

The dining table: its size, shape and the material it’s made from says more about a family than any other piece of furniture. When we dine with family we share more than a meal- we share our daily experiences and create memories.   The dining area is a special focal point of the home, and

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