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Perhaps you are at the W Hotel in New York waiting for some friends to arrive, or at the VIP lounge at the Starbucks in Istanbul enjoying a cup of joe and relaxing. You might even be visiting a beautiful residential villa in Spain. There is one constant with all these scenarios: chances are you will be sitting on luxury built to last…created, designed and made by Missana.

missana furniture revuu featured brand

Found in some of today’s most exquisite and luxurious commercial and residential spaces, every piece of Missana furniture is constructed by hand, the way the old masters did back in the day. Their designs are timeless, with the future built in along with the present, creating that déjà vu feeling that you’ve experienced somewhere in time.

The company has been recognized by many top magazines and blogs, including DesignBoom, Interior Design, Casaviva, Wallpaper, Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest Spain, and Design Milk. Revuu had the rare opportunity to interview Pepe Albargues and Maria Morales, the CEOs of Missana.

missana furniture revuu featured brand spotlight

We got insight into the creation and evolution of the Spain-based company. Taking their passion of creating perfection through high-end furniture, they use only premium high quality materials and exquisite finishes to design unique and fabulous furniture.

Revuu: How did your company start?

We started 20 years ago, and we primarily worked out of our atelier in Alberic, which is a small town located in Valencia, Spain. We upholster handmade furnitureWe both loved working with emerging and acclaimed Spanish and international designers. In the beginning, we primarily focused on Spanish and French retailers, but with the economic world changing so rapidly we decided to make some changes to our products, image, business lines, and our marketing and communication and decided to go more international.

missana furniture featured brand spotlight

Revuu: How is your company structured as far as the design and manufacturing goes? Is there someone that oversees design?

We work with external designers, and we manufacture everything by hand in Valencia (Spain). Our creative directors supervise the whole design process, from the selection of designers to the finished product, and also the marketing.


Revuu: Are there any places such as hotels or restaurants where people can see your products being used?

Yes, Missana can be seen all over the world in some of the finest restaurants, cafés, and exquisite hotels. You can visit our international website to view some of our work.


missana furniture featured brand


Revuu: Do you have specific areas of the world where most of your clients are from?

Most of our clients are from Spain, France, UK, the United States and Australia. Of course, anyone who wants to reach out to us, we will be happy to accommodate. Since we don’t currently have a showroom in the US, we can be contacted directly to purchase our products. Just go to our website, we have excellent customer service.


missana furniture revuu featured brand spotlight

Revuu: As a firm with an excellent reputation in the design industry, what sets your company apart from other similar companies in your business?

Our business produces designs that are new and exciting, and that are both unique and timeless. We also have a clear bold company and an excellent marketing strategy.


Revuu: Our site Revuu.com is an online review site that helps customers make decisions about brands. Do you feel a review website would help you and your clients make better decisions regarding purchases?

We believe that today, people like to shop and find products online, so a platform like yours is a fantastic tool for all people to be introduced to and fall in love with Missana.


Revuu: Thank you both for providing us with insight into Missana Design!





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