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Today’s Revuu Spotlight is on Gerald Olesker, who is the founder and CEO of ADG Lighting. Many of you may not be familiar with ADG Lighting or Gerald, but we promise if you’ve ever visited any major city, you have probably seen and experienced some of Gerald’s gorgeous lighting creations.

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ADG Lighting’s custom fixtures can be seen in major hotels and commercial spaces, such as the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Bellagio Las Vegas, Spago’s Beverly Hills, SLS Hotel South Beach, and the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay,…just to name a few. In addition, he has worked on some of the world’s most beautiful estates, including many celebrity homes.

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ADG Lighting’s creations and designs have been featured in California Homes Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, House & Home Magazine, People, Interior Design, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, LUXE Magazine, as well as award-winning magazines and books, programs and properties around the world. ADG Lighting designs and manufactures lighting fixtures, furnishings, and architectural ornamentation that will delight the senses!

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Revuu: Gerald, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule for this interview with us.

Gerald: It’s my pleasure, and thank you for that wonderful introduction.

Revuu: As a firm with an excellent reputation, what sets your company apart from other similar companies in your industry?

Gerald: Well, I’d like to think that ADG Lighting is in a category all its own. Simply because we pride ourselves in our versatility, which can be seen in a number of our projects. We also work in just about any material, from stainless steel to blown glass, wood…you name it and we’ve done it. If you have a special request, we will do it…or try to (laughs). Plus, my background is in architecture, so even though we break some of the rules of being conventional, I know which rules to break to keep all my clients safe and in beautifully lit conditions.

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Revuu: Oh, so you also do made-to-order? Custom requests that have never been made before?

Gerald: Yes, many of our clients come to us with unique requests. We had one client that had requested a replica of an antique to be made into a lighting fixture, and am thrilled to say that our client was happy with the results.

Revuu: So you can basically do anything—

Gerald: (Laughs) Within reason, don’t get me in trouble now!

Revuu: Now, location-wise, do you have any specific areas or regions you work in?

Gerald: We have many lighting projects throughout all of the United States. So we accept work from all over.

Revuu: How do you get your clients?

Gerald: Many of our projects come to us directly through interior designers, landscape designers, facility managers, project managers, landscape architects, and even homeowners who have had work done by us through their interior designers and are ready to have us do something unique.

Revuu: Tell us, why is lighting so important in a space?

Gerald: Lighting sets the mood, lighting also enhances furniture, spotlights artwork…just about anything in the home can be enhanced by the perfect lighting. Even people are happier when they are surrounded by beautiful lighting. It is definitely a mood enhancer.

Revuu: So is that why restaurant lighting is so beautiful?

Gerald: Our commercial lighting, such as restaurant lighting, is meant to spotlight specific areas. Without giving away our secrets, let’s just say that your Lobster Thermidor looks even more delicious than you remember it!

Revuu: What materials do you recommend for standard indoor lighting? Also outdoor lighting?

Gerald: I always recommend the highest quality finishes, since those are the ones that are in your face.

Revuu: Well on that note, we conclude our Revuu spotlight on ADG Lighting with our special guest Gerald Olesker. Thank you Gerald!

Gerald: Thank you!


Visit ADGLighting.com for more information about their custom design work, or call 818-597-9494.



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