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As many of you already know, having a smart home is all the rage. A smart home allows you to control many of your appliances with a mere voice command. A smart home is supposed to run more efficiently — and of course, if you are using your appliances more efficiently, you are automatically cutting down on waste.

Here are a couple of the smart products we’re excited about!

Smart Thermostats

These energy-efficient, Wifi thermostats are an innovative spin on the traditional thermostat we’re so used to. Many are controlled by apps, such as the Ecobee3 Lite. You can even add sensors so you can monitor temperatures when you’re away from home. The design on these thermostats also keeps your home on the cutting edge, such as the Google Nest thermostat, which boasts a modern retro style. Prices for smart thermostats start at about $130. Lux Products offers their Lux/Geo thermostat, which has a unique design and offers geofencing capabilities for automatic arming and disarming.


ecobee 3 sensor stand

These smart thermostats also work with voice and home assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Wi-Fi Controlled Ovens

Imagine controlling your oven through an app! Well, the new line of smart ovens allow you to do just that.

Samsung’s range of Wi-Fi controlled ovens offers a practical yet easy way for homeowners to get smart with their ovens. Their Gas Flex Duo™ Range with Dual Door option is sleek and convenient, offering two powerful convection fans that heat and cook food perfectly. The Flex Duo™ technology offers multiple oven configurations for the user. The Smart Divider allows the user to cook two different dishes at the same time, creating an upper and lower cooking zone with different temperature and time settings. You can also use your smartphone to monitor for safety through the Wi-Fi capability.

Samsung Range Electric Dual Door NE58K9850WS

Dacor also offers their Combination Speed Oven, which comes with a 7-inch touchscreen interface that lets you select cooking functions, follow recipes, and use pre-programmed settings. As part of their Modernist Collection, the oven’s Smart iQ Control and iQ Kitchen Connect app empowers the user to have control of their kitchen!

Smart Refrigerators

Samsung’s line of smart refrigerators is continuing to impress many, with its range of features. The Family Hub line, which is on the more affordable end, comes with a touchscreen and ingredient-tracking cameras. You can also customize temperature settings with FlexZone™, where the bottom right door can switch between being a refrigerator or a freezer.

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

LG offers their InstaView smart refrigerator line, which runs Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant and allows the user to order groceries online or play their favorite tunes. Just like the Samsung fridge, there’s a touchscreen option, which is pretty large at about 29 inches. Selections include Side-by-Side, French 3-Door and 4-Door models. You can even see what’s in your fridge without having to open it with their Door-in-Door® feature.

LG Instaview refrigerator LFXS30796D


Remote Controlled Lighting

Did you forget to turn your light off in the living room? Whether you’re getting ready to go to bed or out for a night on the town, the new smart lighting options offer an endless array of features! Brands like Phillips and Belkin provide options to manage your lighting through software that gives you a centralized point to control usage. These smart lighting systems come with all types of accessories, such as sensors, remote controls, dimmers and switches.

belkin smart lighting

Smart Robots

Now with artificial intelligence, are robots our future companions? Honda seems to think so; they are highlighting their Honda 3E Robotics Concept, which they refer to as robot companions that are designed for different functions. These robot companions were unveiled this year at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, held in January in Las Vegas.

honda 3e-a18 smart robot

Honda’s 3E-A18 serves as what Honda calls the social empathy robot. Honda says this robot can help by providing emotional support. At the electronics show, this robot changed its facial expressions as it greeted guests. Imagine hosting a dinner party and being a bundle of nerves, and your 3E-A18 robot companion takes over with its artificial intelligence and makes everyone feel at home.

3E stands for Empower, Experience, Empathy — Honda’s entire concept is based on the fact that robots, along with artificial intelligence, will be able to assist people when assistance is needed the most. This can include everything from disaster recovery to showing people how to learn from the human experience. Honda even claims that down the line, we will be able to learn how to be more empathetic from these robot companions.

This robot could easily become as necessary as your other appliances, like your washer and dryer!

The Honda 3E-B18 is a robotic chair — this model looks a little bit like those motor scooters; in fact this could help someone who is either rehabilitating or who is older and cannot get around very easily.

Honda’s 3E-C18 has cargo space, which could be used for transporting materials. This model looks like a little ice-cream cart, with a very friendly little face, and could be used for a children’s birthday party or even to host a picnic with family and friends at home.

Smart Bathrooms

Now for the pièce de résistance in this odyssey of must-haves is the Kohler Konnect. This smart bathroom range will turn your ordinary bathroom into a personal spa. Imagine having showers and baths set at the exact temperature that you desire. With the shower called DTV+, you get voice activated presets which includes exact amount of steam, perfect lighting and the perfect mood music. Combine this marvel with an Amazon Alexa, and you can say “Alexa draw me a bath,” and she will. You can even specify the temperature of the water.

kohler konnect dtv shower system


The future is here, and all of these must-haves would enhance your stay-at-home experience. Staying at home has always been thought of as casual and relaxing, but a bit of opulence never hurt anyone.

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