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Many homeowners take pride in the decorating and function of their home. From the appliances they purchase for their kitchen, to the lighting selected for the living room, the home is a prized place that reflects their very personal tastes.



Besides the aesthetic aspect, having a comfortable space that feels warm and inviting is also part of a well-cared for home. Many interior designers (and ambitious homeowners) have begun embracing this concept to new levels with feng shui. The term feng shui literally means wind-water in English, but we know it to be the Chinese art of positioning and placement of objects for a harmonious and tranquil space. The correct placement is determined on what areas of your life you want to improve. A physical compass is used to determine the precise direction of specific items.

Since here at Revuu were are in the business of helping homeowners make sound decisions about their purchases in areas such as appliances, accessories, and furnishings, we thought we would discuss feng shui given that it can help with the placement of your prized purchases — and the overall energy flow of your living environment.

The First Step Is to Declutter

This step is pretty universal. In feng shui, the belief is that clutter blocks energy flow and the life force known as chi can’t do its job of rejuvenation. Now, when we talk about clearing clutter, we mean actually donating, throwing away or selling anything you don’t need, not just hiding it.


Feng shui’s main ingredient is intention; one can’t just perform a cure and expect it to work. There is an explanation for every cure in feng shui, and it has to make sense to you and your sense of logic. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

 A True Story

We know of one homeowner who had to sell her house quickly. This was back in 2008, right before the recession hit. She had always maintained her house in excellent condition, but so had many other people, who were still were having issues selling their homes. So this homeowner decided to use feng shui to see if she could sell her house in record time at the asking price.

She put her intention to work. With her feng shui book in hand and a compass, she figured out her wealth, knowledge, career, and helpful people corners, and started to figure out the correct placement of furniture, lighting, and so on.

She sold her house the first week that the house was on the market! She received seven offers and got almost full asking price. Interestingly enough, the new owners had even said that they felt tranquility and calmness throughout the house.

Take the next Step at Revuu

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