30 inch Professional Series Single Oven

Brand: Thermador




Brand: thermador
Model: POD301J

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  • Thermador – 30 inch Professional Series Single Oven


    I\’ve had this oven for almost two years. For the first year it heated evenly, and seemed to perform well. After the first year I used the self cleaning option, three days later when I pre-heated it and went to open the door- the entire door unit fell apart! The glass separated from the metal frame and the door coils were completely separated from this frame! It took almost four weeks to have a replacement ordered and replaced. Thermador was able to replace it as a warranty item- but this occurred in November- it was fixed literally two days before Thanksgiving- cutting it close! One more thing: the timer turns off after about 5 chimes. So if you leave the room and do not hear it- you may forget all about whatever you have in the oven. I find this problematic, the timer should not turn off until the user has turned it off!