Electric cooktop

Brand: Gaggenau




Brand: gaggenau
Model: CE 490

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  • Gaggenau – Electric cooktop


    I bought this for its looks. I almost didn’t care if it worked. It has surpassed my admittedly low expectations, but there’s nothing I want it to do that it doesn’t. And, when I had questions, the folks at Gaggenau were very helpful. Can’t comment about their repair service — haven’t had any problems.

  • Gaggenau – Electric cooktop


    This Gaggenua electric cooktop looks pretty and cleans easily. But as for cooking? I don’t think it’s for serious cooks.I want fast, HOT heat to sear meats and sauté vegetables, and I found this slow.If you don’t cook a lot, you’d probably find this more convenient than a gas stove. But, if you like to think of yourself as a chef, the Model CE 490 may disappoint.