Electrolux Induction Range EW30IS65JSB

Brand: Electrolux




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  • Electrolux – Electrolux Induction Range EW30IS65JSB


    This Electrolux Induction Range was installed in a guest house. It was used once to warm food in the oven. Beyond that it has never been used because our guests find it impossible to operate and understand without reading a manual! Who has time to read a user manual when you are a house guest (and presumably on holiday!) After the warranty expired, guess what? It started beeping constantly with an “E 15” fault notification which cannot be fixed by the homeowner. My research has shown that the entire system may need to be replaced as this is a common electrical wiring error inherent in this model. More time and money will be wasted to stop that incessant beeping and hopefully make it functional again! But I will never purchase from Electrolux ever again.