Kichler Copper Pathlight

Brand: Kichler




brand: Kichler

item: 15821CO

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  • Kichler – Kichler Copper Pathlight


    Landscape lighting can be tricky because it has to withstand the elements. It always looks good in the showroom, but what about after it’s been baking in 100 degree heat or enduring a snow storm?! These Kitchler path lights have held up extremely well for me. I live in Southern California so I don’t know how they’d perform in less temperate climates, but I’m very pleased with my experience. I always get compliments on them too, especially around this time of year (the holiday season brings lots of house guests!) The copper hasn’t lost it’s luster, even with minimal maintenance. I love the sleek design — I’m not a fan of overly ornate landscape products.