Stonium Series: Tritium

Brand: Silestone




Brand: silestone
Model: tritium

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  • Silestone – Stonium Series: Tritium


    I am a maniac in the kitchen. When I cook, I make the reality show chefs look like Martha Stewart. This means my countertops take a lot of abuse. And Silestone never gives away my dirty secret — it cleans up swiftly and shows nary a mark when I use it as a cutting board or toss cast iron skillets on it.

    The only reason I’m giving this a 4 instead of a 5-star rating is that I would recommend using a lighter color for your quartz countertop. The Tritium absorbed too much of the light in my kitchen and I ended up buying new lighting to make up for it.

    But, is Silestone worth the price? Definitely.