• I love this coffee maker! It brews a superior-tasting cup using the optimal temperature, time, and…

    Tobey Wheelock

  • These are solid windows. They provide excellent insulation and sound proofing. The hardware, standard with Loewen…


  • Wolf continues to deliver with high performance gas grilling.

    Mary F.

  • I don't own this coffee system but I stayed at a friend's house for a couple…


  • This is one of those toilets you can put in any bathroom and it will blend…


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Our goal is to help homeowners spend their money wisely when renovating and remodeling their homes. Get the most from our appliance reviews, window and door reviews, furniture reviews, dishwasher reviews, and a lot more on home-related brands and products.

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Revuu.com takes on where Consumer Reports and Yelp leave off. Read and post unbiased, authentic reviews (called “Revuus”) and photos on everything home related.

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Whether you're considering a new product for your home and need some honest shopper feedback, or you want to contribute your own opinions, Revuu is the place to do it! You'll be helping fellow homeowners and industry professionals with your valuable feedback while gaining insight for your own future purchases.

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